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Biographies of American Library People

Disclaimer:  The Web sites below vary in quality. The three volumes of the  Dictionary of American Library Biography and other printed resources should be consulted for better documented and more thorough biographies. If you would like to suggest additional or alternative Web sites, please contact me at .

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Black Women Public Librarians (article by Cheryl Knott Malone)

Librarians Dedicated to Human Rights (article by Katharine J. Phenix and Kathleen de la Pena McCook in PDF format)

Librarians of Congress
(From Jefferson's Legacy: A Brief History of the Library of Congress)

Library Advocates of the 20th Century

Oklahoma Library Legends

Pioneers of the Library Profession (Article by Josephine Adams Rathbone)

South Carolina History Project Biographies

Texas Library Champions

Wikipedia Category for American Librarians

Wisconsin Library Hall of Fame

World Libraries - The Pioneers
Biographical articles published in the magazine World Libraries

The "Dead Germans Project" - Univ. of Tenn. at Knoxville
(Many links don't work, but a great idea in any case)

Librarian Trading Cards


Sarah Byrd Askew (New Jersey library leader)

Augusta Baker (1911-1998)

Sanford Berman (Legendary Cataloger)

Anne Morris Boyd (Library Educator, 1884-1969)

Thomas Bray (Father of American Libraries?)

Andrew Carnegie (The Patron Saint of Libraries)

Virginia Carter Castleman (Drexel Library School Graduate 1899)

Charles Ammi Cutter (Library Systematizer Extraordinaire)

John Cotton Dana (Library leader and promoter)

Melvil Dewey (Father of American Librarianship)

Seymour Eaton (Founder of the Booklovers Library and the Tabard Inn Library)

Benjamin Franklin (Friend of Libraries)

Mary Elizabeth Frayzer (South Carolina public library pioneer)

Helen Haines (Queen of Bookworms)

Adelaide R. Hasse (First Supt. of Documents Librarian)

Lister Hill (Legislative Champion of the Library Services Act)

Mary Frances Isom (1865-1920) (Head Librarian, Library Association of Portland, 1902-1920)

Charles R. McCarthy (1873-1921) Librarian, WI Legislative Reference Library

Carl H. Milan (1884-1963) Secretary of the American Library Association

Angeline Vernon Milner (Illinois State University's First Librarian)

Nancy Pearl (Librarian Action Figure)

Lawrence Clark Powell (Former UCLA University Librarian)

Ainsworth Rand Spofford (Former Librarian of Congress)

Nettie Barcroft Taylor (Former Maryland State Librarian)

Estellene P. Walker, 1913-1984 (Former South Carolina State Librarian)

Beatrice Winser (Newark (NJ) Public Library)

Justin Winsor (First President of the American Library Association)



 Postal Librariana

Library History

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